ARTSA 2021

15th – 18th April 2021

Round Table Gauteng Area in cooperation with Round Table Southern Africa is extremely happy to host ARTSA 2021 at the Emerald Casino! We are looking forward to a truly momentous occasion.We as Tablers commit ourselves every year to so many needy causes and this is the time to attend to the official business of RTSA whilst having fun with our fellow Tablers.

Our aim is to host the most affordable ARTSA ever. We strive to adopt past experiences, adapt them to the changing needs and improve the overall ARTSA experience for our Tablers! The RTSA AGM is not a fundraising project and the success should not be gauged by the amount of surplus funds but rather the number of Tablers in attendance.

Emerald Casino

Is equipped to fulfill all the requirements of hosting an ARTSA, with affordable accommodation, variety of restaurants and entertainment. We promise that ARTSA 2021, will be affordable, with fun and fellowship in true South African Tabler fashion.


Come and join us for an unforgettable ARTSA! In the City of Gold.


ARTSA 2021 Committee